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The first step of the creation process is for our specialized team to review the architectural and structural plans to get a better understanding of the project. Our expertise allows us to reconstruct the skeleton of the building using our software SDS/2 to help us implement the project quickly. The Analysis of the Plans is an essential step to satisfying your needs.
Equipped with the right tools, our team will be able to create a 3D model for better visualization of your sketches. This model includes all the parts that will be created for the final execution of the structure; steel beam sizes, up to connections, welding and bolts. This step is crucial, because in addition to making it visual, it allows you to extract a wealth of information required for the fabricator.
The model verification is a step that benefits both the customer and the Steltec team. With our specialized equipment, we are able to check all the material, welds and bolts in the structure before the pieces are detailed in 2D. This ensures product reliability while reducing the risk of error during the fabrication of the part.
Our team of experts strive to create drawings in order to provide the fabricator a precise drawing with all the required parts.         On these detailed drawings you specify the quantities required, the dimensions of each piece without forgetting the position in which they must be arranged in order to make the part that was originally formed in the creation of the 3D model.
Similar to the step of model verification, the validation of the fabrication drawings confirm the parts’ dimensions which ensures the reliability of the product. This step, however, is done quickly because the majority of verifications have already been performed.
After all the creation process, this last step is the completion of the project, which involves sending a multitude of electronic files for the execution of the project. The delivery of 2D drawings is designed for the manual design, but the Steltec team has the ability to transmit electronic files so that fabricators can program their equipment. N.B. Engineers also have the opportunity to use our model and electronic drawings so they can advance to the approval of drawings directly from our 3D model.


With more than 25 years of experience, we have helped many clients complete several projects. Browse through our achievements pictures below:

Tower E

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

MathWorks Lakeside Campus

Natick, Massachusetts, USA

Cornell NYC Tech – Stair #5

Roosevelt Island, New York, USA

Bradley Air National Guard Base

East Granby, Connecticut, USA

Grand-Heron Bridge

St-Jerome, Quebec, Canada

New England Conservatory of Music

Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Tower D

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

John Deere FMP building 19

Waterloo, Iowa, USA

Sarah Mildred Long Bridge

Kittery, Maine and Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA

Hadley Falls Station

Holyoke, Massachusetts, USA


In January 1987, after working as a draftsman and checker for 12 years for several structural steel fabricators, Maurice Roy became an associate of a father and son team in a company that offer steel detailing services. They began with 2 employees. In 1990, at the beginning of the recession, one of the associates (the father) decided to retire. The company had 6 employees working for them at the time. The recession hit hard as it did everywhere else. At that moment, to be more competitive, they decided to invest in a structural & miscellaneous steel detailing program, SDS/2, which today is still recognized as one of the best software when it comes to the quality and the productivity of structural & miscellaneous steel drawings…

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Steltec uses the SDS/2 software

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