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Steltec’s project managers have worked hard in order to develop a team with a lot of motivation and dynamics while continuing to provide their services to their clients. Maurice Roy, the founder of the company, has over 38 years of experience in the field of detailing structural steel. Over time, he was able to find people who share the same passion as him, and together they were able to build a strong management team, with close bonds and ready to take on any challenge! All team members have a minimum of 15 years of experience in the field. From left to right they are (front row) Nicolas Deschênes, Yannick Dion, Daniel Rondeau and (back row) Gilles Corbeil and heading up the team is Maurice Roy! They have all helped Maurice to develop the company rapidly so that it could meet the growing demands of their customers. The expertise and commitment of the team contributed greatly to the growth of the company.


Our team consists of dynamic and motivated modellers, controllers, designers and programmers. Our team is composed of fourthy five employees of all ages, creating a balanced atmosphere. The younger members of our team are well supported by those with more experience, generating a tremendous dynamics within the company. We are strengthening our expertise in training our employees so they can perform more than one task. The versatility of our team allows us to execute projects in a timely manner while maintaining maximum efficiency. In addition, they are trained to be able to pass on their knowledge in training and are able to assist clients to meet their needs.