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OUR SERVICES: Steel detailing and more...

Let Steltec worry about the details of your project. Steltec offers a variety of services such as steel detailing and more to meet all your needs of your projects so that work can be carried out in a remarkable timeliness and notable efficiency. Our speciality: steel detailing services and custom services for our clients and more:

Steltec provides quality steel detailing services. Steltec has been detailing steel structures of all types and sizes, from industrial and/or commercial buildings to complex projects, as well as bridges and bridge rehabilitations. We use the latest technologies to provide and accommodate your needs.

Our experienced team is dedicated to offer you the best possible service to meet your needs. In order to maintain the performance of your project, we have established a system for technical support, which is available to all SDS/2 software users and any software that is created and issued by Steltec. In addition, our team is committed to providing training programs for any software designed by Steltec, as well as Approval Documents that are generated between Engineers, Customers and Steltec.

The expertise of our programmers can be relied upon when providing you with a customized report according to your requirements. To do this, we use the SDS/2 software, which specializes in steel structure. The ultimate goal of our team is to provide you with all the necessary information for your project while respecting your deadlines. Using our variety of tools, we program the interface of your project so that it can be realized in the near future.

In order to collect data to create your structure, you will have access to view reports already issued. We can also provide you with drawings for specific parts from those that have been previously developed.

The Drawing Report allows you to track your project and see its progress. With the help of our developed equipment, we are able, at any moment, to give you the current standing of your project. This allows us to remain loyal to our delivery date, and allows us to demonstrate our speed of execution, a value that is close to our heart.